Myrtos beach : is maybe the most famous among the beaches of Kefalonia. It has been voted many timed as one of the best beaches in Greece and the world and offers a thrilling experience to anyone who visits it. The landscape is unique, as green vegetation, sharp rocks and cliffs, surround an enormous white beach full of very thin shingles. The waters here are blue, green-blue in the shallow, clear and unique!

Assos : small and isolated, is one of the most beautiful traditional villages of the island. Assos is built amphitheatrically around of a narrow peninsula, surrounded by a marvelous green landscape, with a 15th century Viennese castle dominating in the area. Assos maintains the tradiotional architecture of eptanisa in its bigger part, while its picturesque harbor constitutes resort for yachts and traditional boats.

Fiskardo: A former fishing village , which has transformed in a high-class cosmopolitan resort of celebrities. Τhe beautiful traditionally maintained settlement is situated in a picturesque gulf in north Kefalonia. Its colorful houses, accompanied by the green of nature and the blue of sea compose a living painting. Fiskardo seem to have stopped time. Visitors can take a walk in the famous sidewalk by the sea and its narrow alleys while traditional fishing boats, sailplanes and yachts in sea, complete the fascinating scenery.

other beaches: the area around Fiskardo is full of great beach most of which can someone visit whether by sea or with….a demanding walk. Indicative mentions : Dafnoudi (located in the northwest end of Kefalonia with an interesting sea cave ), Emplysi (located in the north kefalonia with thrilling white rocks), Platia Ammos (beach with blue waters and white sand in the north Ithaca near Afales) etc.

***You can form your trip as you prefer.
The locations which are mentioned in the schedule are indicative and proposed.
Discover more beaches or enjoy your meal or drink at a picturesque harbor. Whichever are your preferences the skipper will gladly advise you and lead you in order to have a truly unforgettable experience.


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