Cave “Papanikolis”: is situated in the west coast of Meganisi and is one of the biggest and most impressive caves worldwide, as its entrance leads to a tunnel 120 m long and 60 m wide which gradually narrows and reaches the width of 23 m. It is rumored that during WWII , the cave was the hideout of the the same name legendary submarine.

Formicoula island : small and uninhabited , it can be found in the southeast of Meganisi, with lacy shoreline and clear blue waters . According to a speculation it is the Homeric island “Asteris”, the small island where the competitors of Penelope used to scheme in order to kill Telemachus, son of Odysseus.

Kastos : is the smallest inhabited island of Eptanisa with a special fauna of olive trees. The village of Kastos , full of traditional rock-made houses and a few taverns , is built around a small harbor, situated in a picturesque inlet. You can find lots of amazing beaches with green-blue waters and the famous Fokotripa (Sealhole), a small cave covered with sand on the inside , where if someone is lucky enough can meet a monachus monachus seal, which usually can be found in the area.

Kalamos : verdant island with a picturesque port and traditionally built village. Pebbly beaches, pine trees reach the wave and turquoise waters so clear, that make sea look like a pool. The virginity of nature composes an astonishing landscape. It is not accidental that lots of Kalamos visitors talk about a heaven on earth.

Meganisi: the biggest of the area’s isles, with special shoreline (mostly in its northern part) that is shaped by successive gulfs which go deep into the land reminding fjords. In one of those, built around the main island’s port can someone meet “Vathi”. A traditional fishing village with small taverns and coffee shops. It is really stunning and unique. In the island you can find 2 more traditional villages “Spartochori” and “Katomeri”. The beaches are countless. Full of sand or thin shingles with the pine trees sometimes reaching the sea and clear green-blue waters which surely going to thrill you.

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